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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Movie Guides for TESOL

by AJ

My friend Kristin recently sent a link for "TESOL Movie Guides". These are fantastic tools. In fact, Ive been meaning to create something like these for myself. But honestly, Im too lazy (or not detail-oriented enough) to meticulously work through an entire movie, write all the slang and vocabulary, and explain it.

Turns out I dont need to... someone else is already doing it... and they've made their movie guides available for free. These are nice supplements for the movie technique.

I recommend NOT using the guides while actually doing the movie technique. If students have the guide in front of them, they will tend to focus on it, rather than on watching the movie and listening. However, the guides are great for end of class review... and for use outside of class by the students.

In fact, they are ideal for self-study students who wish to learn English from movies.

Download the movie guides at:
English Learner Movie Guides