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Saturday, February 11, 2006


by AJ

"We can't expect passionate users, if we ourselves can't hold (or rediscover) the passion we felt for the work we chose."
--Kathy Sierra

More than education, training, or knowledge... Passion is the key to effective teaching. A passionate teacher will educate themselves. They'll seek out training. They'll rapidly increase their knowledge. Passion is the teachers rocket fuel. Without it, you're nothing but a drone. An agent of conformity. A talking head.

Passion is what creates the emotional juice necessary for optimal learning. Passion is what fuels innovation. Passion is the seed of creativity. Passion will compensate for a host of other shortcomings.

Our first task... before serving students, before anything else... must be to nurture our own passion.

That means honoring yourself. That means you've got to love learning yourself... cause otherwise you'll never inspire your students to feel likewise. It means youve got to build on your strenghts, not obsess about your (so called) weaknesses. It sometime means you've got to break the rules. It often means you've got to leave a job that doesnt allow you to grow.

Sometimes it means youve got to let go of students. We are all unique. Some students simply will not "click" with you. Teaching/learning is a two way process. If your students dont inspire you as much as you inspire them, there is a problem. If they dont energize you, there is a problem. Change students, change schools, or change careers. Life is too short to wallow in a job that doesnt feed your soul.

To be a good teacher, you've got to love your students. But you've also got to love yourself. You've got to follow your bliss... in the classroom and out of it. You've got to find your sense of awe and wonder... and protect it. You've got to develop your confidence and personal power.

Teachers are presenters. Teachers are speakers. Teachers are leaders. The best leaders have heart.... they move us with their passionate visions. They sweep us up in their energy.

Passion, for life, is our number one asset.... our first and most important resource. Without it, nothing else matters.