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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


by AJ

"Learning is not something you can split up into 45-minute blocks or confined subjects."


20 years of school conditions folks. They become accustomed to regimentation. And whether it works or not, they come to believe that the "traditional" approach is the only approach.

Most of my students are responding to my approach. As I mentioned previously, enrollment in my class is increasing. The students "get it"... mainly because they are seeing better results.

But I still fret that the carpet will get pulled out from under us. While my students seem enthusiastic about our approach... while we have reached consensus... while enrollment is increasing.. there is a problem: other teachers. Currently we've got a cool group. But that could change. We could, at any time, hire a true old-school "drill 'em with grammar" teacher.

Honestly, I dont care what other teachers do in their classroom... I respect their autonomy. But these teachers always want to regiment the schedule-- divide it into "language points"... one hour of only grammar, another hour of only pronunciation, another of only vocab, etc.. Its an idiotic approach, in my opinion.

But the squeaky wheel gets the grease. These kind of people have a way of taking over a program... through their insatiable desire to CONTROL everything and everyone. My worst nightmare-- a couple of these folks get hired by my school and set out to "improve" it according to their needs for regimentation.

Just what is it with these folks? Why the need to impose their ideas through coercion? Why the need to create blanket policies that everyone must follow.. regardless of whether the policies fit? Why the need to break everything apart into unconnected fragments?

The threat of the control-nazis always looms. Im always ready to do battle with them if necessary. And should I lose, Im always ready to move on. These are necessary strategies for those who refuse to be controlled, boxed, fragmented, and regimented!

Guard your autonomy fiercely.