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Friday, March 31, 2006


by AJ

In my failed attempts at various languages, Ive learned at least one thing-- the importance of repetition and review. Its an easy lesson to miss, as a native language teacher. When teaching English, naturally the language seems easy to me. Of course we all know its more difficult for the students and try to adjust. But usually, we underestimate the difficulty.

We dont review enough. We dont repeat enough. Im trying hard to correct this mistake. In my experience, you cant do this too much. Reread the same passages a few times. Listen to the same movie scene 4,5,6,10 times (not necessarily during the same day). In the morning, review yesterdays vocab/grammar before moving on. Do this everyday... make it a ritual. Students need to hear, understand, read, and use new words/grammar 30-50 times in order to acquire them. Thirty to fifty.

Are your students getting that level of repetition?

San Francisco, CA