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Saturday, March 25, 2006


by AJ

Call it an intuition...

I have a vague feeling that I ought to get involved with podcasting. Cant think of many clear rational reasons for why.. just have the feeling that there's great potential there and I should start playing around with it.

One reason Im thinking of this is because of one of my students. She recently told me that she records my classes with her MP3, then re-listens to them everyday (the whole thing!). That sparked a thought-- I could use podcasts as easy review archives for my students. (Motivated) students who missed class could use the podcasts too.

So Ill give it another try. This time Ill use an effortless approach. In other words, I want to be lazy and take as little time as necessary to do this.

I think Ill record the movie technique portion of my class each day... using my computer. I wont record the whole discussion, just the explanations of the scene(s). If that proves too edit-intensive, I might switch to recording our reading sessions.

The audio files will be hosted at:

The Ourmedia Effortless English Page

If anyone has ideas on how to make podcasting easier/lazier... please leave your suggestions in the comments!

San Francisco, CA