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Sunday, March 25, 2007

English Teachers

At Effortless English, I've gotten a few English teachers as members. This has been a big surprise. I have always expected English learners to join.. but didn't expect English teachers to join.

But I guess it shouldn't be a huge surprise. The teachers can download the English lessons and play them to their classes. They can also print out the text for the articles. By using all the lesson parts, they get about an hour of teaching from each lesson.

Even better, in a classroom they can then follow-up with questions and discussions. Since the class will probably only hear each lesson once, they may not understand everything and may need to ask the teacher for clarification.

Since the articles are usually about thought-provoking topics, the teacher can lead a discussion (as a class, in small groups, or in pairs) after all the lessons are finished. This is a great way to conclude the lesson-- and a great way for students to solidify their knowledge.

Although all my efforts thus far have been directed towards getting English learners to join... perhaps I'll also start focusing on busy English teachers who are eager to use more natural lessons.

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