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Monday, April 18, 2005

Welcome Tohru

by AJ

A new writer-member has joined Effortless Acquisition. Tohru Matsuo is an English teacher from Ehime, Japan. He recently completed a Masters in TESOL from the School of International Training and is now back in his home country teaching English in a Japanese middle school.

Like me, Tohru is a strong proponent of the natural approach... and more specifically, of TPR Storytelling. See his recent post for a description of his first TPRS lesson in Japan.

I found this post very interesting and believe he has many unique insights to offer. I am struggling with similar difficulties with my Japanese students, but because I am American, I often don't know what is going on, what Im doing wrong, or what the problem is.

So I'm looking forward to reading more from Tohru and learning from him !!