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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Thanks to All

by AJ

As the year ends.. just want to say "Thank You" to all the students Ive had in my classes this year. While I am officially the teacher and you the students... in fact it was I who did much of the learning and you who did much of the teaching. You taught me how to be a better teacher. You taught me about your cultures. You taught me about yourselves.. your dreams, goals, and interests. For all of this, I thank you.

Also thanks to the folks at Thammasat University's Language Institute... who, despite some difficult times.. remained friendly and decent. I enjoyed all of the co-workers I had contact with at LITU. (Unfortunately I cant say the same about the boneheads at the BAS dept :)

And thanks to all of my new students and coworkers..... you have presented me with a new challenge. I feel I must raise my teaching skill to your high expectations. I hope to do a better job of this starting next month. I look forward to trying to first meet... then exceed... your expectations.

Finally, to the other TESOL bloggers out there... thanks for the exchange of ideas. I have shamelessly stolen every good one I could find... and look forward to finding more next year! Keep writing!

Happy New Year to everyone!